A Comprehensive Treatment Plan Based Off Diagnosis Of The Problems At Hand

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Upon discussions and consultations with general dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, and endodontic professors, we have drawn a comprehensive treatment plan based off diagnosis of the problems at hand. Periodontitis, loss of tooth structure due to bruxism, fistula, and periapical abscess were the findings. Based from the presentation of patient, it is apparent patient is at high risk of periodontal issues and of caries. Included in appendix, are the clinical photos, radiographs, periodontal charts, study casts, and treatment plans. Scaling and Root Planning (SRP), prophylaxis, root canal therapy (RCT), post and core, porcelain fused metal crown, and night guard were the major treatments. While broken teeth and possible caries…show more content…
2), Autologous platelet concentrates (APC) for bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw treatment and prevention. A systematic review of the literature is a quality paper. Massimo et al. focused on finding out the difference between the group exposed to APC vs. the group Not exposed to APC, in regard to surgical dental treatments, in terms of a) improving success of surgical treatment of BRONJ, b) reducing the incidence of BRONJC after oral surgery procedures, furthermore, 1) improving healing of bone and soft tissue at the surgical site, 2) reducing incidence of any other post-surgical complication and side-effect, 3) improving patient’s quality of life by reducing pain, swelling, and other common symptoms, in the post-surgical period, increasing treatment acceptance by patient, in patient under bisphosphonate treatment world-wide. This paper analyzed original clinical studies including prospective and retrospective, on surgical treatment and prevention. The meta-analysis combined 2 case series and 1 case control but excludes case report and non-outcome study. The studies included address the review question, have appropriate study design, with clear search strategy,
The article utilized Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, MEDLINE, and Scopus bibliographic databases that were not limited to just English studies. Also, Del Fabbro et al.
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