A Computerized Payroll System

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1.0 Introduction 1-1
1.1 Statement of the Problem 1-1
1.2 Current state of the Technology 1-2-1-4
1.3 Objectives 1-5
1.3.1 General Problem 1-5
1.3.2 Specific Problem 1-5 – 1-6
1.3.3 General Objectives 1-6
1.3.4 Specific Objectives 1-6 – 1-7
1.3.5 Scope and Limitations 1-7 – 1-9

2.0 Theoretical Framework 2-1
2.1 Introduction 2-1
2.2 Database Management 2-2
2.3 Information System 2-2
2.4 Transaction Processing System 2-3
2.5 Computer 2-3
2.5.1 Hardware 2-3
2.5.2 Software 2-4
2.5.3 Microsoft Access 2-4
2.5.4 Microsoft Word 2-4

3.0 A Computerized Payroll System for Arias Garments 3-1
3.1. Introduction 3-1
3.2 System Design
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Failure to manage a payroll effectively may cause many problems for the company and its employees. It could mean loss of money, integrity, and trust between both parties.
Oftentimes, it takes many hours of work and manpower to get the job done. In certain cases, effective payroll management is compromised by the lack of an effective system. Most companies may have enough manpower and resources. However, with an effective information technology, managing a payroll will be simpler, cost-effective, timely and reliable.
One of the companies that use manual payroll system is the Arias Garments. It was established last September 18, 1994 at #88 Bargy. Latag, Lipa City, under the management of Mr. Alex Arias together with his wife Mrs. Anita Carol Katigbak. It started with only forty machines and ten employees. The capital of Arias Garments is Php 500,000.00. By 1996, Arias Garments became the subcontractor of Champan Garments. Champan Garments produce and transport products like Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Tommy, and Hilfinger.
As of now, Arias Garments have 176 machines and 100 employees (40 regular and 60 contractual). 8:00AM is the time-in of employees, 4:00PM is the time out, and they consider 8:15AM as late. Employees who are late or either log-out earlier than 4:00PM will have a deduction on their wages (deduction is 0.61 per minutes late or under time). First offense, for late and employees who under time, will be given
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