A Concept Of A Calling

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A Concept Analysis of ?a Calling? to Nursing Christie Emerson Kennesaw State University Running head: A CONCEPT ANALYSIS OF ?A CALLING? TO NURSING 1 A CONCEPT ANALYSIS OF ?A CALLING? TO NURSING 14 Abstract The aim of this paper is to clarify the concept of ?a calling? as it relates to nursing. The purpose is to develop a definition with the detail and clarity needed to guide reliable and valid research. The classic steps described by Walker and Avant (2011) are used for the analysis. Literature from several disciplines is reviewed including vocational psychology, Christian Career counseling, sociology, organizational management and nursing. The analysis provides an operational definition of ?a calling? to nursing and establishes three defining attributes of the concept: (a) a passionate intrinsic motivation or desire (perhaps with a religious component), (b) fulfillment of an aspiration for the work to provide meaningfulness or purpose in one?s life, and (c) helping other through caregiving. Antecedents to the concept are personal introspective and cognitive awareness. Positive consequences to the concept are improved work meaningfulness, work engagement, career commitment, personal well-being and satisfaction. Negative consequences of having ?a calling? might include willingness to sacrifice wellbeing for work and problems with work-life balance. Following the concept analysis, philosophical assumptions, contextual factors, interdisciplinary work,
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