A Conceptual Definition Model For Advanced Practice Nursing

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Competencies are a combination of observable and measurable skill sets, abilities, and knowledge that is needed to practice efficiently within the advanced practice role. Hamric created a conceptual definition model for advanced practice nursing (APN) with defining characteristics that identify several core competencies, Guidance and coaching,Consultation,Evidence-based practice, Leadership, Collaboration,Ethical decision making.Hamric 's (APN) core competencies are an umbrella for the additional role-specific and educational competencies for a nurse practitioner (NP) and nursing informatics (NI).
The role of an NI is categorized as a non-clinical advanced nurse. The use of core competencies is an integral part of delivering standardized, measurable, quality healthcare in this day and age. Informatics is a relatively new addition to the APN, and nursing education but an integral part of delivering quality healthcare to patients. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) mandated that nurses be key players in transforming and developing the infrastructure that is needed for efficient health information technology (HIT), thus, improving the quality of health care. Presently, informatics is a requirement for all APN 's. In prior decades, informatics was in the embryonic stages of development, but in 1992, the ANA recognised it as a speciality thursting NI to the forefront of nursing education and integerating informatics into the the very core of nursing cirriculum.

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