A Conceptual Framework And Model For Critical Care Nurses

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Chapter Three: Methodology

3.0 Introduction
This chapter discusses and justifies of selecting the qualitative research approach of ethnography to understand and explain the critical care nurses perspective at this study. It also provides the methods and the research process of the study to achieve the research aim and to answer the research questions that asked. The Positionality of the researcher is also discussed; considering the access to the research field and the ethical considerations that raised during the study. In addition, it addresses the issues of rigour, including the reflexive approach adopted.
3.1 Research Aim, objectives and questions
The aim of this study is:
1. To explore and describe how the nurses use technology in patient treatment in CCU,
2. To develop a conceptual Framework and Model for Critical Care Nurses to implement technology into nursing care for critically ill patients in Qatar
3. To make recommendations for policy, practice and education for nurses in the field of Critical Care in Qatar.

Specific Objectives:
1. How do the nurses understand the term ‘Nursing Care’ in the CCU context in the presence of technological equipment?
2. How do the nurses interact with the patients in the presence of technology ‘machines’ in the CCU?
3. Piloting of the developed conceptual framework and the model for Critical Care Nursing using technology (machines) to care for critically ill patients apply in different CCU settings in the state of Qatar
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