A Concert At Libby Hall Of Utah

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Uniting Chamber Orchestra On Wednesday March 1st, the University of Utah performed a concert of chamber music orchestra. This was a concert full with interesting presentations and sound that that energies of nature and relationship with humanity. This concert event was performed at Libby Gardner Hall of University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The guest presenters are four educated musicians from Austria who are called the Minetti Quartet. These were four musicians who each played an instrument. Two were violinist, one Viola, and the last was a Celloist. The event is led from the University of Utah called the Chamber Music Society of Salt Lake City. The concert was an hour long but it will always be a memorable event. The first…show more content…
It was a flowing swirl sound that illuminated the room; their bodies formed in perfection with no stiff or shaken. In addition to the individually rhythmic movement, the musicians moved in unison with the sound of music. This has brought to an excitement position to the audience. It was feeling a message that they were sharing with us. The emotion invoked this music was a sense of tranquility. They position they were placed and the color of their clothes were full of energy and excitement. As some point, it made me feel less stressful and calm, knowing I was in a peaceful environment. The sound of instruments did not beat down to harshly but came with an harmonic and flowing sound. In the beginning of every music they performed began with the rumble of shaken and emphatic but it then dissolves into a slow tempo, soft noise. It was an upbeat yet relaxing at the same time. I find this as a cure for stress relieve. The repetitive string sounds of violins and cello guided the viewers through the dreamlike performance. It was a breath taking seeing how they calmly played the instruments as they felt it was part of them when they played with their hands. Following this admirable music came several other music on stage performances by them. The next song they performed was named Quartet in F Minor, Op. 80 . I can say that this music was one of my favorite music I have encounter in the event. The melody was very firm and

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