A Concert Performance to Remember Essay

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Teacher Comment: As a part of the requirement for this course, each student must attend two live performances and submit a concert report on each. The reports should demonstrate “Active Listening” and not be merely reviews or critiques. I am interested in the student’s experience at this particular performance. There is no obligation to use fancy terminology. Just tell me what happened, how it affected you, how this experience will influence your plans for future concert attendance? I am particularly moved by a report that helps me to relive the concert or one that makes me sorry that I missed it. This essay does just that.

The University Symphony Orchestra conducted by I. M. Conductor and featuring Young Virtuoso on piano
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In contrast to Boriskin’s position front and center stage, the overall effect was to give the listener the impression that a distant conversation between the two was occurring.

As the movement progressed, the remaining voices of the orchestra entered into the conversation between horn and piano, segueing back and forth from passage to passage. The texture of the orchestral segments became progressively more complex. During some brief passages the violas, cellos and double bass played pizzicato against the swelling, lush violins, marking even time and creating an almost ground bass feel.

The key of the first movement was predominantly major; however, there were brief shifts to the minor key by the piano, creating argument in the conversation with the orchestral passages. Often throughout the first movement, the dialogue between piano and orchestra subsided to a soft piano so that the distant horns could come forth again with the theme. A large crescendo in the orchestra and a series of rapid, fluttering trills on the higher keys of the piano brought Allegro non troppo to climactic end.

The theme of the second movement,
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