A Concise History Of Hong Kong

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A Concise History Of Hong Kong was a prequel to one of the most fascinating places I have ever traveled to. Going through history class, and growing up, I had heard many stories of Hong Kong, China, Britain, and Japan, but I never realized how intertwined they truly were and how their stories were really told. John Carroll did a remarkable job setting the scene for what Hong Kong was, where they had been, and how they made it through all of it and came out with their own identity. Hong Kong is a bustling cosmopolitan city with many distinct features that separate it from a traditional Chinese territory. Hong Kong or the Fragrant Harbor is on the southernmost coast, situated in between the Pearl River Estuary and the South China Sea.…show more content…
In reality, the picture in my head could not have been more wrong. Just after arrival on January 2, 2016, we got to really experience the gigantic proportion of the Hong Kong airport as compared to our little hub in Tulsa. After our time in the airport, we finally got on our journey to Kowloon Peninsula to our hotel. The MTR ride was very enlightening, and I remember feeling like a child in awe and merriment at all the fantastic sites that were before my eyes. I took a deep breath and promised myself that regardless of what happened and no matter what I would not ruin my trip with any negative thoughts. Professor Weaver reinforced this when he said, “you do not have to like it, but I encourage you to try it, and no whining”. I was going to try and replay everything that I had read and researched prior to the trip and see if I could remember the significance of the sites. Making my top ten list was a great way of making us choose what we felt was important for our journey and then going back and marking them off one by one. Sunday, January 3, 2016, we were up early after a very long day of travel and a short night’s sleep. We gathered as a group and ventured to C3 church Hong Kong. We met a phenomenal woman, Ming who was delightful from the first smile and handshake we received. Ming was a positive and a very devoted follower of God. Her Christianity spewed from her pores, but she was never in your face. She was a genuine and friendly as anyone
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