A Concise History Of Hong Kong

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A Concise History Of Hong Kong was a prequel to one of the most fascinating places I have ever traveled to. Going through history class, and growing up, I had heard many stories of Hong Kong, China, Britain, and Japan, but I never realized how intertwined they truly were and how their stories were really told. John Carroll did a remarkable job setting the scene for what Hong Kong was, where they had been, and how they made it through all of it and came out with their own identity.
Hong Kong is a bustling cosmopolitan city with many distinct features that separate it from a traditional Chinese territory. Hong Kong or the Fragrant Harbor is on the southernmost coast, situated in between the Pearl River Estuary and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is best known for his incredible skyline and by its deep harbors. Hong Kong has approximately 7.2 million people with a variety of nationalities. Hong Kong is attractive to millions of tourists each year due to the plethora of sites to see and the ease of traveling throughout the country. After reading A Concise History of Hong Kong, I was expecting Hong Kong to be somewhat of a dictator ran country with people who hid from the government, and who did not know how to live their lives. I also believed that there was no freedom of religion and that people would be persecuted for any such public act. I envisioned a lonely non-thriving country with nothing but desolation and absolutely nothing to see but tall buildings and…

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