A Concise Statistical Analysis Report

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Introduction As an Operations Manager we have been tasked with submitting a forecasting report that shows the sales of the number of transformers required to produce voltage regulators. For the purpose of explanation, these voltage regulators main purpose is to protect refrigerators from power surges and electrical catastrophes. Throughout the course of this paper elements will be strategically place to develop a concise statistical analysis report to cover the following: Any quantifiable factors that may be affecting the performance of operational processes. An explanation of how these quantifiable factors may be affecting the operational processes. What is the history and problem? And finally who are the key internal and external…show more content…
As sales began to plunge, leaders began to reevaluate the policy in regards to stocking spares and components in its factory store. The thought of retaining a massive stock of said parts was debatable. Although it was, in essence, necessary to retain some parts for the transformer management began to contemplate just how much enough was. Another issue that surfaced was the price consistency. A-Cat Corp essentially had only one supplier. So with such minute sources there is a lots of room for suppliers to raise prices which in turn places a strain on the business. Although A-Cat Corp is still generating consistent revenue growth as far a profit, sales have been faltering in relation to competitors. The original method for forecasting how many transformers they will need to meet said demand was to examine the sales figures of the preceding months as well as the previous two years around the same time and they would hypothesize how many transformer they would need. Although this method proved plausible in previous testing phases there have been instances of under or over stocking. Supplier issues are also beginning to heightened concerns in regards to inconsistent ordering approaches. Ratnaparkhi, Head of Operations, has been asked to develop an analysis of the data submitted to him and to present a report with
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