A Conducive Learning Environment

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A Conducive Learning Environment An online and/or adult student must have an internal control psych to motivate themselves to continue and excel in the classes and educational career they decided to pursue. In education, there are choices that must be made in order for the adult student to be successful. One important tool necessary for the student to succeed is a conducive learning environment. These environments begin in the student’s mind at a very young age and are developed through parents, teachers, staff, and others connected to the school and educational environment. Today various explanations about learning are available. Some people believe that students learn either through the natural or biological make up of the …show more content…
(Tucker & Stronge, 2005) This type of teacher has a compassion for the subject matter and enjoy their work and with this excitement he/she has the ability to convey to the students with ease of reception. The instructor has received the proper training and has earned the proper credentials to practice this type of instruction. (Tucker & Stronge, 2005) The prior explains that not only the physical environment, being the building, is of importance to the student’s educational training but the instructor is just as if not more important for a conducive environment. Learning styles differ from culture to culture or from background to background. (Brown, 2006) In the United States, students are taught in an environment which allows interaction such as teacher to student and student to student. This is an acceptable practice while in other environments which are very formal and controlled, African and Asian societies fit this description, students are discouraged or disallowed to voice their own opinions. Additionally, most parents, teachers and other mentors enforce strict discipline during the learning process. (Brown, 2006) However, in other developed countries such as the US, learning occurs in a less controlled environment as parents, teachers and other mentors allow children time to participate actively in the learning process. (Brown, 2006) Learning habits greatly depends on the nature of the environment in which the student has
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