A Conflict Of Cultures : Kerry Beck

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A Conflict of Cultures
Kerry Beck
Charleston Southern University
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The Mothers of Good Will are a religious order that operates two hospitals which have recently been merged
The two facilities have developed very different cultures over time and are having difficulty integrating as a result
Hospital ‘A’ was, until recently, an acute care facility
Its culture was more fluid and open to change
Hospital ‘B’ is a chronic care facility
Its culture was focused on consistency
Both hospitals were built in 1860 by the same founder
Hospital ‘A’ changed its mandate from acute care to chronic care in 1980
They were determined
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‘A’ was originally an acute care facility and its leadership and culture was more fluid and open to change while ‘B’ was a chronic care facility more focused on consistency. In 1988, over a century since they were founded, the two agreed a merger was necessary for each to survive. Since the merger, however, both facilities have found it difficult to assimilate. This transition occurs in the midst of a more widespread one as traditionally religious medical institutes across the nation were becoming more secularized.
External Environment The hospital has two primary external factors that it must appease. First is government needs and regulations. This contributed largely to why ‘A’ wanted the merger to begin with. The government was looking to reduce chronic care facilities and by merging with their larger cousin, their survival was more certain. The second external aspect is the business aspect, the reason that ‘B’ agreed to the merger. Despite their strong customer care, they were not business minded and as a result were facing potential bankruptcy. For the purposes of this analysis, the external environment is assumed to be outside the control of the hospital and is mentioned here due to its importance to the internal environment, which can be controlled.

Due to the nature of this case, this analysis will focus
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