A Connection to Real Life Events; King Henry V

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Have you ever read a book that made you contemplate how it would pertain to your life or someone else’s life? Certainly, after reading the play titled King Henry V originally written by William Shakespeare and edited by Andrew Gurr, I concluded that certain situations in this book correspond to several aspects in this world. For instance, it can connect to many events that occurred during the 1590s, the time period in which this play was written. On the other hand, it correlates with other compositions that were read in class such as The Prince, but more importantly this play undoubtedly relates to my life. Even though you may not think the production titled King Henry V applies to you, you may want to reconsider your decision and realize …show more content…
For instance, a Prince struggles with various military matters such as the type of troops to have and even auxiliary to use. Both of these matters resulted from the breaking of Italy where various military techniques were ineffective and caused great harm (Machiavelli 76-84). On the other hand, King Henry V struggles with the concept that he is liable for his men’s souls and has to implement rules that do not bestow him with personal gains. In fact, he had difficulty in hanging his best friend Bardolph because he stole a religious pax which was forbidden in his country (Gurr III vi. 35). While they both encounter various aspects of being leaders, they additionally correspond with each another in the fact that they insist on being feared by their men than loved. To illustrate, the Prince proclaimed that he would preferably be feared because although people love you now they will only turn on you in the future (Machiavelli 91). Moreover, because love may cease, but being feared never will (Machiavelli 91). However, King Henry V’s men worry that all he wants for them is to be executed (Gurr IV.i). In regards, King Henry did not want to be responsible for their actions because they make pilgrimages and ultimately decided to enlist in his army which in turn contributes to the fact of being feared and not loved (Gurr IV.i). Of course, both these subjects interrelate to one another in various ways, but
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