A Consistent Ethic Of Life

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A consistent ethic of life refers to a set of beliefs that advocates against abortion, capital punishment and euthanasia. When it comes to abortion, a consistent ethic of life does/doesn’t apply depending on the circumstance. In a case where the fetus threatens the mother’s life, it is understandable if the removal of the fetus is the best option to save the mother’s life. For instance, a three months pregnant woman is admitted to the hospital due to a hemorrhage condition. She didn’t know that she was three months pregnant because the baby is growing inside the fallopian tube instead in the uterus. A type of pregnancy calls the “ectopic pregnancy”. Shortly after her admission to the hospital, a doctor finds out the underlying cause…show more content…
The father decision in this circumstance is not unjust at all. Even if the father was unable to reach, just to save her life, it would be understandable if the doctor decides to perform the procedure without the mother and father consent. I believe if the mother was capable to make a decision, she would probably allow the doctor to abort her unless if she hoped for a miracle. In some cases, I think aborting a mother to save her life is the appropriate thing to do. When it comes to death penalty, Igor Primoratz believes that murderers deserve to die. But, is executing a murderer as a punishment considered just and prevented crimes as many proponents of capital punishment believe it does? Since it is wrong and forbidden to kill, in order for the punishment to be justified, the judge and jurors who sentenced the murderers and the doctor who injected the lethal injection should be executed as well. Are the murderers not human like the judge, jurors or the doctor? It seems like capital punishment will never bring equal justice and that it makes matter worse. This is such a paradoxical situation and that we live in a world with a bunch of murderers. Furthermore, if an innocent person is mistakenly executed, is the punishment justified? Or can the mistake be corrected? Obviously, such punishment can’t be undone. Also, instead of preventing people from committing crimes, death penalty makes matter
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