A Contemplation Upon Flowers

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A Contemplation Upon Flowers:

In the poem A Contemplation Upon Flowers by Henry King the comparison of the life of a simple flower is made to the life of a human, in the sense that we both are born, we both live, and we both must die. Majority of people fear death, but the flowers accept death with open arms and a smile. This poem by Henry King praises flowers for not only their humble lifestyles but also for their acceptance of death. Henry King uses the literary device of personification, a strong and effective way to give the flowers a voice, and to help the reader grasp and understand the poem. He also uses that literary device to humble the reader in order to better understand the way that the flower smiles in the face of
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An affective literary device used by Robert P. Tristram Coffin in his poem Forgive My Guilt is imagery. Imagery creates an affective setting for the poem and allows the reader to visualize every part of the poem. Another literary device used by the poet in this poem is Similes, the similes are great ways to get across a precise setting and image. Forgive My Guilt is also an example of a narrative poem because of the way the poet writes ,as if he is retelling the story.

This poem can be analyzed in many ways, but one is in the sense that the young boy really represents humanity on a whole, while the two birds represent our earth , eco-systems, and Mother Nature. These things are beautiful, exotic, graceful, and full of life, but just as the young boy we are killing it. We have ignored the beauty of earth and instead of admiring it we have ‘shot’ it left it wounded and waiting to die. We our filled with guilt and remorse for what we have done, and beg for forgiveness in the way that we are trying to fix and undo what we have done to our earth. We just as the young boy are filled with guilt.

West Indies, U.S.A

In the poem West Indies, U.S.A. written by Stewart Brown it about a person who is travelling through the Caribbean and is excited to arrive in Puerto Rico, but to his/her surprise there is no grand welcoming in Puerto Rico rather they are treated unwelcomingly. Although Puerto Rico is a Caribbean country, there is high security ; and instead of looking

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