A Contemporary Analysis : Immigration And The Three Theoretical Paradigms

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A Contemporary Analysis: Immigration and the Three Theoretical Paradigms

Chris Ek

Salisbury University


The three theoretical paradigms of liberalism, mercantilism, and Marxism all create different analyses of certain contemporary issues. Leaders in society today use the paradigms to help create opinions over economics, immigration, and other key subjects that world leaders are constantly debating. Although, the knowledge of the basic foundations of each theory is extremely important to understand, an analysis would not be complete without returning to the past and reviewing the history of the theoretical paradigms as well as the famous proponents. Liberalism, mercantilism, and Marxism all hold different perspectives on the issue of immigration. Immigration has been a hot topic of discussion with the refugee crisis in Europe going on. Not to say that the United States is the most diverse country in the world, but European countries tend to have a strong sense of ethnic identity, which can lead to the conclusion that the refugee crisis is going to push the envelope of cultural development in Europe. The analysis using the three theoretical paradigms will include a historical background, famous proponents, major developments over time, and the perspective each theory will take on the issue of immigration. With immigration being on the forefront of societal issues around the world, people need to understand the different views of such a complicated subject.

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