A Contemporary Analysis Of Accounting Professionals ' Work Life Balance

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A research paper is only considered valuable if it is both valid and reliable in measuring the constructs that it claims to. This paper is aimed at evaluating the validity and reliability of the research paper titled “A Contemporary Analysis of Accounting Professionals’ Work-Life Balance” by Buchheit, Dalton, Harp and Hollingsworth, published in the Accounting Horizons Journal in March 2016 in its first issue of volume 30. The research paper endeavoured to provide answers for two main research questions that were aimed at scrutinising the difference between 1. auditors and tax professionals in terms of their work-life conflict, burnout and perceptions regarding alternative work arrangements (AWA) across all sizes of public accounting firms, and 2. accounting professionals’ perceptions of AWAs in industry versus public accounting.
The reliability and validity of the research paper will be evaluated separately and some suggestions on how the authors could have enhanced both reliability and validity of their research will be provided.

2. Reliability
A research is reliable when the measurement instrument can generate the same outcomes consistently. This section will discuss how the researchers have endeavoured to maximise reliability by minimising method error and maximising the inter-rater reliability and internal consistency of the research. Suggestions on how to further increase the study’s reliability are also given.

2.1. Method error
Any measurement procedure will

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