A Contemporary Literature Review For Information Management Of Relevant Road Accidents

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Here I will provide a contemporary literature review for information management of relevant road accidents. The task may not be easy, as lot of literature on road accident data management has been produced in many languages and in various parts of the world. In academics, study of information management and strategy of managing road accidents was undertaken in different ways in many faculties and discipline such as engineering, physical science, economic, social science, transport, geography, media, health and education. When we look at the subject of road accident and its related information management from the particular viewpoint or discipline, the study is also done in with a particular ways and objectives. In this literature review, we will try to go into the depth of the subject to focus on salient accident statistics, causes of accidents and accident analysis with view to develop counter strategy to curb accident in systematic manner. In the process of covering the data management, analysis and relevance of accident issues, we will also apply Chi Square test to the experimental data.
As seen above, there are various dimension of accident analysis and one of the important aspect is geographical aspect of road accident. These really began with Moellering in 1974. But the major work happened when Whitelegg 1986 outlined the whole agenda for geography of road accidents. Whitelegg 1986 is an important work, which summarizes many of the related study and various…
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