A Contest Of Smiles, The Smile, And Female Actors

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To Smile Or Not To Smile In a contest of smiles, who would win—women or men? That answer just so happens to be women. But why women? According to Amy Cunningham in, Why Women Smile, women smiles are automatic (though it can be true for either sex) as they are controlled by society’s expectations. Cunningham has even experienced this herself, from her friends and even her husband. One of her friends told her that they associate her with her smile, calling it her “essence” and that she should smile more (Cunningham 369). Her husband calls her smiling face unthreatening and because of that demeanor, people like her in a “fuzzy” way, despite that not being her goal (369). Not only with firsthand experience, Cunningham also pertains details from history, scientific evidence, and culture into her article as well. From baby reflexes to Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile and female actors, she uses her information in a way that people can accumulate some sort of connection of what she’s writing into their lives. Connecting one personal story or experience to another can make people empathize, especially if the general target audience is towards to women as per this article. Using this, Cunningham uses her personal connective approach and informative evidence to prove that smiles of the womanly kind are being used too much and used wrongly. In this case, I agree with Cunningham’s point in her explanation about the reason why women really smile by how she utilizes her approach in the

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