A Continuously Changing Business Environment

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Surviving a continuously changing business environment In today’s society companies need to build a culture within their organisation that embraces change and individuals in the workforce need to learn to thrive in an ever changing environment. The workplace is always changing and companies that don’t change are being left behind. Organisational change efforts can be destroyed by internal resistance, as the age of technology advances. The technology available to business’s today is changing at an increasing pace, which companies are using to improve customer service and improve efficiency. Organisational change has been known to be an issue of immense importance since 1973, when 13 significant authorities were asked about major management…show more content…
Specifically cloud computing vendors can provide most of the hardware require, all a company needs is a basic computer and an internet connection. The rapid rise of cloud computing has provided workers more flexibility with the potential from home. This advancement provides companies with the ability to retain quality workers who have other responsibilities. Companies, who gain a reputation as being flexible, may be able to retain component employees, with generation Y also known as millennials being susceptible to changing job frequently. ‘By 2020 millennials are projected to be half of the entire U.S. workforce’ (Morgan 2013), retaining high quality employees will become extremely important with the younger generations more technology savvy. Employees within an organisation will become more connected, with social media connecting potentially; up to three generations within the workplace. There are many theories on the best strategies of implementing organisational change, but reducing resistors of change is potentially more important. Worley and Vick express their view, that often employees are not ‘given the chance to understand the reason for the change’, (Worley& Vick 2013). A vast majority of organisational change is planned and organised by the upper management team, with little involvement of their employees who are responsible for running the current system and may have useful ideas about a new system. Organisational change largely involves the employees,
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