A Controversial Article Report: Kuhner's Narrative on Barack Obama

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Controversial Article Report The United States has a Constitution that allows and even encourages free speech, a free press, and through the years those freedoms have been exercises by individuals with radically different political and philosophical viewpoints. Jeffrey T. Kuhner of The Washington Times used that freedom to express his rebuttal to President Barack Obama in the Times' publication on Friday, February 10. Likewise, it is the right of this student to point out the wildly erroneous and vitriolic smears and lies in Kuhner's narrative. Certainly this is an era in the nation's political life when there is a sense of toxic polarization between the two main parties and also the third party involved in national politics, the tea party, has contributed to the rancor and rage. Indeed, civility and grace seem to have gone the way of the $2.00 gallon of gas. Kuhner asserts in his first paragraph that President Obama is "…an ideological revolutionary who seeks to sweep away traditional America" (Kuhner, 2012, p. 1). To boost his assertion Kuhner says that Obama is acting "…like an arbitrary tyrant…running roughshod over the Constitution, egregiously, repeatedly and deliberately violating its restraints and clear limits on federal power" (p. 1). As evidence he says Obama "waged an illegal war in Libya." Wrong. Obama wisely let the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) attack Gaddafi strongholds; yes, the United States did join with NATO and some Arab nations by

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