A Controversial Policy For Combat Marital Rape

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A Proposed Policy to Combat Marital Rape
Marital rape, a rape in which the perpetrator is the victim’s spouse, is an underestimated, underreported reality that effects 10-14% of all women in the U.S (Basile, 2011). Although the U.S. government has made strides in sexual violence laws in the past few years, marital rape policies still have a long way to go. The instance of marital rape should be combatted by the U.S. Federal Government with a multifaceted plan. First, the U.S. federal government should offer states incentive to develop laws where no distinction is made between marital rape and non-marital rape in terms of elements of the crime, statute of limitations, and length of the sentence. Second, the Federal Government should ratify the Declaration to Eliminate Violence Against Women. Third, the federal government should completely eliminate all funds for private abstinence only education. Fourth, the federal government should offer additional incentives to states who have rape education programs in their public high schools.
A Note on the instance of Marital Rape
While the marital rape experience extends to men as well, women are disproportionately affected by this form of sexual violence (Bryant-Davis, 2011). Additionally, there is very little evidence that rape occurs in the context of homosexual relationships (Bryant-Davis, 2011). This proposal will mainly address policies that are focused on alleviating marital rape for women in heterosexual marriages, since they…
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