A Controversial Topic On Education System

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A controversial topic we have in society today is our education system. Our education is very important, it’s a crucial part of our life and one should always have the need to better it. People always want to find ways to improve it, and some people don’t believe that there is anything wrong with the way the education system is, they think that it is perfectly fine. The truth is, today’s education system has a lot of improvements that can be made, but it will take years upon years to fix. Some people want to make the most drastic changes yet they know they won’t be able to change them, not in the period of time that they would like. They would like to reduce class sizes, so teachers can have more one on one experience with the children; they would also like to change the age that the children start school at, that is one thing that I believe will change, and soon, because it’s happening now, some children are starting pre-school at the age of three. I would like to fix several issues the education system has, but I can’t. Some of the major issues that I would like to be fixed are the school starting times, more elective classes, and the high schools being more liberal or how high schools should have more freedom, like college students. I want to see our educational system change for the better, and I know that we will have to start with minor steps in order to get to where we need to be. Starting with smaller improvements that will help set the way for us to make the big
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