A Conversation About Psychosocial Rehabilitation

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Talking of PSR A) "Talking about PSR" as addressed to a client. Now you Sir have become quite balanced and normal. The problem is not that you had any infirmity but that there was a social maladjustment. Now that you will be going back home, the duties, responsibilities and requirements you have to shoulder will be back. You are now going back to the life that is ideal for you. Please remember that you are not alone. We are there with you all the way. That is what Psychosocial Rehabilitation--PSR is all about. Though you are complete and competent to attend to the daily functions, there is a small gap between the time we began your treatment and the present when you have to go back to the world. There is no such thing as psychiatric disabilities, but certain functions and inabilities for us to adjust with the demands of the society and our life Sir, is classified so. We wish to cushion the small shock you may experience as you go back to your new life. Therefore we will be with you all the way, such that you become independent totally without requiring our help in future. The program is designed to make you independent and functional. Let us now highlight the way we would put you through the Program. At the outset Sir, I wish to tell you that the aim is to increase your functions in such a way that we can increase your skills not only in the case of your living, but also in the case of your interactions with the society. The aim is to make you totally independent, and
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