A Conversation Between A Mr. Erlend And Dr. A Brief

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The following is an excerpt of a conversation between a Mr. Erlend and Dr. Reinhard. These two men work as consultants who travel the country to help teach leadership skills and theory to business owners and CEO’s in all fields. After many years of practice, they discoverer Shakespeare’s rendition of Henry V and decide to analyze the character of Henry as an effective model that they could employ in their own practice. This part of the conversation begins after the two have already been taking at some length about the future of their practice and their own personal experiences over the past few weeks. Dr. Reinhard: You know, it’s interesting, in all my years of study and work experience, I have never come across a character like Henry V. You’d think that in a course devoted leadership theory that they would include a historical character like him. Mr. Erlend: Yeah, it is a little weird. I know that a few other programs use Henry’s story in their courses for CEO’s, and that many people find him an inspirational leader. But I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that he is all that, or even that we should use him for our course. Dr. R: What? Why not? He has so many things going for him. He becomes king at a young age, I think he was around twenty five years old or something like that, and soon after that he manages to take the kingdom of France with a very small force. Mr. E: Granted. But all the things you just recounted are those which pertain to military matters. And

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