A Conversation: White People On Race

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We all can admit what a complicated and highly controversial topic racism has continued to be in this country since its inception up to present day society. It has occurred to me that after dissecting several forms of art and literature as well as conducting a socratic seminar how much depth there is to the discussion of racism and how there are so many layers. The motives behind racism as to why people make discriminatory comments has made me think about if people actually feel superior to another type of people or is there some other reason. I understand that there are probably people out there that may dislike a certain race and maybe they really do feel superior but I wonder if that is just a justification or excuse in an attempt to maintain…show more content…
You have a point there, so what about if I found quotes from real people that were taken just a few months ago. The New York Times recorded a series on Youtube where people of different races were asked to address their thoughts on racism one-on-one with the camera. The video that brought up the idea about certain people benefitting from the racial divide was titled “A Conversation With White People On Race.” Clearly the white people are benefitting and a few of the interviewees made some noteworthy comments. For instance, this one woman said, “Now I understand that it’s a system of advantages and disadvantages based on race, so as much as there’s the disadvantage piece, there’s the advantage piece of it, which I experience as a white person.” If white people are being honest with themselves, then this statement has so much truth behind it. For various reasons‒of which I won’t get into‒white people have almost always been on the “advantage” side of the race spectrum and have tried persistently to keep it that way. To reiterate what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I happen to think that white people use race as a justification or excuse in their determination to remain the on the good side. A white man in the same video brought up a similar idea: “I’m not involved in any conflict that involves race, I’ve only been the beneficiary of it.” I get it, like other white people I didn’t want to hear this or think about how lucky we are that we have it easy when it comes to race. Nevertheless, it’s important to come to this realization and not become defensive about a fact of the life we live in. White people may not explicitly know or want to admit that their lives are full of more opportunities to succeed than black people, so find some other reason to legitimize why life should continue as it always
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