A Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

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A conversion rate optimization expert (CRO expert) specializes in optimizing website components like copywriting, web programming, web design, and traffic sources to generate more online sales. Even massive tech firms like Apple pay 3rd party CRO companies to improve online sales by up to 100% or more because most sites, no matter how well constructed, were not designed for conversions. In fact, most sites are lucky if they are generating even 50% of their true conversion potential. But despite the rampant need for web optimization services, most online business owners have never even heard of a conversion rate optimization expert, let alone know what they do.

Ironically, most websites have been optimizing for conversion rate for years without ever realizing they were performing a very distinct Internet Marketing service. Every time you try a new button, change design, alter direct response copywriting, or try to improve online conversions in any way: You are actually performing conversion rate optimization. But while a conversion rate optimization expert would use website traffic analysis to find and fix the conversion problems, most site owners start with the landing page. And although the landing page(s) is a good place to start when optimizing a website, CRO experts use web traffic analysis before starting any work for 3 simples reasons:

1. Traffic Analysis Reduces Conversion Rate Optimization Costs

Simply looking at a site and "guessing" which components are…
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