A Country Is The Top Of South America

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Venezuela is a country is at the top of South America. Its total land mass is about 352,144 square miles and its capital is Caracas. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Guyana, Brazil, and Columbia. This Spanish speaking country is broken down into four environmental regions. The coastal zone has the greatest population because all of the big cities in the region. The plains, otherwise known as llanos, has the greatest region, making up about one third of the country. Andean Mountain Range, more popularly known as the Andes, is the longest continental mountain range in the world. Lastly, the Guiana Highlands homes most of the Indians native to the country. Venezuela seems like a simple and beautiful place. After learning about the country’s political history and economy it becomes more complicated and turns into a war zone. Venezuela’s past government has a rocky path. The start of the chaos was in 1830 when they first started as a Federal Republic. From 1870-1888 Antonio Guzman Blanco was in charge. During his time in power he built infrastructure, expanded the agriculture sector, and created foreign investments. The next known leader was Juan Vincente Gomez. His dictatorship started in 1908 and continued til 1935. Gomez’s was the reason Venezuela is a major oil exporter today. Following Gomez’s term, the country decided to draft a brand new constitution finalized in 1946. A year later, this constitution led to Venezuela’s first elected, President Romulo…
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