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ENGW1110 is a course offered at Northeastern University that is an introductory course to writing. In my introduction to English class, I learned many helpful skills and tips to help me become a better writer. In this class, I learned how to write and communicate things I learned, negotiate my own writing goals and audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium and situation, to take a stance through my writing, work with my classmates and review their work, collect information to write an accurate and detailed essay or story, explore and represent my own experiences, perspectives, and ideas, practice critical reading strategies, use multiple forms of evidence to support my claims, ideas, and arguments, and I learned how to reflect on my writing processes and self-assess as a writer. Through my experience in this class, I feel that I was able to reach some of the learning goals, but was not able to fully reach others. Through this class, I learned how to work better in groups and provide revision based response to my peers. Before this class, I had a difficult time working with others due to the many times in the past when my group members would not do any of the work and would leave me to do all of the work. An example which this happened to me was in 11th grade when I was paired to do a history presentation with a girl who did not come to school often and other who did not do any work. I was forced to complete the presentation by myself and they received
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