A Course In Sports Management

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A course in sports management covers all the manifestations of the sports industry. It covers all aspects of the entire ecosystem of sports that is primarily based on the athletes and the viewers. This course in sports management helps the learner understand how constituents such as sport marketing, fundraising, promotions, public relations, ethics in sport management, legal aspects of sport, facility planning and risk management are essential for the business of sports entertainment. Broad Course Content: • General Management in Sports Organisations
• Managerial Skills & Human Resources in Sports
• Intro to Sports Facility Management
• Marketing & Communications in Sports
• Sports Law & Doping Issues
• Finance in Sports
• 2 Weeks immersion at The
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This is not to say that it can’t be a combination of the two roles as well. Sports managers/ executives can be employed by a diverse range of organisations within the sports industry or other allied organisations that facilitate the engagement of the viewer with the athlete; these could be sports marketers, celebrity managers, broadcasters, merchandise managers etc. Sports franchises, leagues or sports management companies have a diverse range of portfolios where there are multiple avenues for employment. A sports content and technology business will typically look to hire candidates for its team across multiple roles, who will be responsible for conceptualization, planning, execution and delivery of best-in-class products which include Match Centers, Fantasy Gaming, Social Media Innovations across Digital platforms that aim to revolutionize the sports fan experience.

Some top employers are Sports Management Companies, ESPN, Star Sports, Tiger Sports Marketing, IMG, IPL (Franchises), ISL, IPTL, Pro Kabaddi League to name a few.
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