A Coyote Columbus Story By King

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Recently, I read a story of “A Coyote Columbus Story” by King. The story included history, the discovery of island by Columbus. However, this was written in different point of view, not similar to general history books. He was described as an invader from the other island, rather than a hero who explored the new land. From First nation people’s eyes, Columbus must have been a foreigner who stole everything from their land. His characteristic was told to be rude and disrespectful. Why does it contain different story comparing history books? Why is Columbus described as an invader? I realized story depended on who is writing the story. I started thinking about how history books were written, and furthermore, considered why novels were written.

When I learned history from textbooks, I trusted blindly in them. I doubt that most of people will have suspicions from them. Well, in fact, “each” histories were written by historians and they “injected” their intensions in textbooks. I, as a student, won’t be able to classify what is true and what is not from them. At school, I believed in everything that was written in history books. For instance, Japan and South Korea is fighting to insist that the land called “Dokdo” in Korean and “Takeshima” in Japanese, is their own land. As I learned history in South Korea, I definitely thought the land belonged to us. The fact is that Japanese believe the land belongs to them, because Japanese history books must have said so. I realized just…
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