A Crazy Cat Lady

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I am the epitome of a crazy cat lady. Don’t take me to a humane society, it will end with me attempting to smuggle out a cat, and getting caught because...well, stealing cats is apparently frowned upon in society. Yes, I am unhealthily obsessed; I love my cat more than Iove my best friend, more than my sister, and on some days, I love him more than I love my parents. The sickness started in August of 2015.
Well, no, that’s actually a lie. That was when I got my first cat. I’d wanted one since I was ten years old, but my dad always refused, saying he didn’t want hair all over the house, and/or paw prints all over his cars. But on Christmas of 2014, I finally got my wish...sort of. On Christmas day, one of my presents was a bag of kitten food, (can you imagine my reaction already??) and the promise we could get a cat.
I cried, guys...isn’t that sad? I mean, how emotionally deprived do you have to be? Wow, am I messed up.
Anyway, all mental illness aside, that promise was the gift that just kept giving. My birthday came, “You’re getting a cat!” my parents told me. Anytime I wanted to buy something in the store, “No, you’re getting a cat!” my mother claimed. We’d never even gone looking for a cat, yet every occasion that passed, my parents assured me we would. This is why I have trust issues, I tell you!
It got to the point where my sister and I planned everything; what kind of cat we wanted, or rather what kind I wanted. I wanted a boy, because all the girls I’d…

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