A Creation For A Home For The Jewish People

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Population movements are described as the repositioning of large, swaths of people through the process of human migration. Shifts in a given population’s demographic is attributed to natural, behavioral or economic factors, i.e. victims of natural disasters, refugee populations, and the relocation of people as a by-product of development projects. The creation of nations is a catalyst for population changes, i.e. displacements and migrations. State-building is at the core of population movements through modernization, urbanization, industrialization and commercial agriculture, rural-urban, labor migration, refugee cases of resettlement or dislocations of populations synthesis. Through state-building the consolidation of boundaries happens, and in some cases this generated the epidemic of refugees. Jews as one of the largest groups of refugees have been subjected to marginalization dating back to the Romans destroying Jewish statehood in Israel. Notwithstanding, as part of Jewish collective memory, the desire to obtain their homeland or Zion has never fleeted which is the aim of modern Zionism: ‘a creation for a home for the Jewish people in Palestine to be secured by public law.’ Through the lens of refugee studies post World War II, following the wave of Jewish migration to Palestine, this essay focuses on the process of establishing a national homeland for Jews after the United Nations Partition of Palestine, elimination of the British Mandate and Israeli Declaration of
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