A Creation For A Home For The Jewish People

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Population movements are described as the repositioning of large, swaths of people through the process of human migration. Shifts in a given population’s demographic is attributed to natural, behavioral or economic factors, i.e. victims of natural disasters, refugee populations, and the relocation of people as a by-product of development projects. The creation of nations is a catalyst for population changes, i.e. displacements and migrations. State-building is at the core of population movements through modernization, urbanization, industrialization and commercial agriculture, rural-urban, labor migration, refugee cases of resettlement or dislocations of populations synthesis. Through state-building the consolidation of boundaries happens,…show more content…
My argument in this paper is the qualitative consequences of Palestinian displacement by Resolution 181 facilitated the Palestine civil war of 1947 which stimulate the progression of hostilities into the 1948 War of Liberation. On November 29, 1947, The United Nation General Assembly enacted Resolution 181 which dissolved the British Mandate of control over Palestine. UN Resolution 181 established a homeland for Jews dividing Palestine into two separate states, a Jewish state and an Arab state. The UN Partition Plan was welcomed by the displaced Jewish population, but the Arab community pre-existing in Palestine rejected the ‘plan of partition.’ After UN General Assembly Resolution 181 was implemented, a transitional period began within Palestine with the peace and security compromised as a civil war broke out. On May 14, 1948, six months after Resolution 181 went into effect and the British Mandate was no longer valid, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and the Jewish People’s Council met at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, Israel where a unanimous approval of the Israeli Declaration of Independence was proclaimed. The establishment of the State of Israel was acknowledged by the United States and USSR within seventy-two hours. After the implementation of the Plan of Partition by the United Nation General Assembly and the Hebrew Declaration of Independence, the Jewish population celebrated the restoration ‘of their political freedom,’ while the
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