A Creature in the Forest

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A gust of wind weaved its way between the dense forest and ricocheted off the old concrete facility up ahead. Circular beams of light shone amidst the trees, cutting the darkness like a machete through foliage. The group of urban explorers had set their sights on this long abandoned complex for a while. As dusk approached quickly, the three men reached a drop off into a rather large manhole. One spotted a way down. A ladder, with rust chipping off at even the slightest breeze. The three descended, one by one into the heart-wrenching darkness. Their feet chimed against the metal platform beneath them, under that, an unimaginable chasm down to the dreary abyss. It began to feel like a mistake, no one had set foot here for the most part of 45 years. A solitary light remained, dangling about 10 metres out over the crumbling railing. A small, scratched red button was attached to the railing, with a thin black twisted wire reaching up to the roof, presumably controlling the light. The men looked at each other, questioning who would dare do the honours. With sudden impulsiveness, the button was pressed and miraculously glowed green after a long period of inactivity. It took a few seconds, but the light eventually plastered the surrounding walls that plummeted down the the unseen world below. This also revealed a door further along the platform. The men stood in awe as the new passageway creaked open. The silence could kill. As the evening light gleaming above them was lost and
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