A Crime Against Humanity

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Crimes against humanity is a deliberate act resulting in a large number of human suffering or death. Incidents like this have happened many times in this world and are still happening today. Since the beginning of these crimes there has been controversy on whether or not other countries should intervene in other countries affairs when it comes to crimes against humanity. The main reason is protecting other countries sovereignty. They don’t want to take over their right to self determination and their right to govern themselves and make their own decisions. However the other side to it is that when it gets to the point of human suffering and death and becomes a crime against humanity countries should intervene and save civilians lives. Countries should not be allowed to make their own decisions after a crime against humanity has started. My position on this issue is that when a crime against humanity has begun countries and the UN should intervene and put a stop to it. In 1937 300,000 soldiers and civilians were killed and almost 80,000 women were sexually assaulted, this was the Nanking massacre. The Japanese just defeated the Chinese in a bloody battle and now they were going after the capital Nanking. The leader of China was fearful of the Japanese as they were a strong army so he ordered the army to flee and left the untrained army. The Japanese quickly took over and tore the people and city to ruins. The Japanese saw the Chinese surrender as cowardice and an
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