A Critical Analysis Of Apple Computers

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Apple computers

Executive Summary
This report had conducted a critical analysis of the Apple computers newer product lines, its competitors and recent events. This report has identified that monitoring a c company most modern product lines, its competitors and events that they carry out in the market is suitable for learning on the enterprise information and as such makes logical decisions about the future of a venture. In light of the Apple computers company, this report has established that of late, the company has incorporated the recent development in technology to come up with newer product lines. In this regard, the company has been able to gain a meaningful competitive advantage in this market through
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This was the first computer that was personalized using a plastic case and impressive color designs. In light to this, the product was very impressive among the computer users, and the number of orders multiplied several times upon its introduction into the market. Since then, Apple computers have been producing newer products every year which are inexpensive as compared to their benefits and usability. As the company produces new products lines, the number of sales is as well tripling leading to a dominance of Apple computers through competitive advantage. In this regard, Apple Company has hired numerous employees and more specifically more experienced mid-level managers and new investors. In this light, this research report is devoted to outline all the process that the enterprise managers have taken to ensure that the Apple Company becomes a real company to the dismay of many of their first employees. This will be achieved by taking into consideration of the company future products lines, new competitors, and events. In addition, this report will analyze the benefits the company has accrued through the use of customers relationship management to dominate the computer market.
Apple Newer Products
Currently, Apple Company is leading in the world through distinct innovations in the iPhone, iPad the Mac and the Apple Watch innovations. These are some of the recent products that has been introduced by the Apple Company and as such resulted in the
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