A Critical Analysis Of 'JOW Face' By David Henry Hwang

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A Critical Analysis of “YELLOW FACE” David Henry Hwang, a Chinese American who always focused his writing on Asian cultures and values, wrote this book YELLOW FACE after he wrote M. Butterfly. As we know, he is a great playwright, his plays always tend to focus on Asian American identity in the United States. He was born in the USA but his parents were from Shanghai, China; so, he has, in his words, “the Asian blood” to be proudly called an Asian American. This play only has two acts, it is a pretty short play. David has managed to cover various places inside and outside the US in its setting, though. One thing we generally do not experience is the playwright himself acting a prominent role in the play but David, the playwright, has defied this tradition by appearing as a prominent character in this play. This mock- documentary play starts with David, aka DHH, reading email from Marcus Gee, the pivotal character in this play. Marcus is a White guy but he has been playing of an Asian role in the play called “Face Value”. David is strongly opposing the idea to grant a White person for an Asian character’s role. David points out the racial discrimination in the US even if the law of the nation prohibits this discrimination. David’s father, who came to America from China and opened a bank in California, had to go under federal investigation, in David’s thinking, just because of being an Asian. So, David expects the Asian character in the play to be the typical Asian person, who possesses the ‘Asian blood’. Marcus Gee, on the other hand, insists himself to be more Asian like actor because he has experienced the Asian life by physically being in China. Marcus’s email to David illustrates the detail how deeply he is interested in knowing the Chinese way of life, especially of a minority tribe called the Dong. As the play moves forward, David seems to be increasingly opponent to the idea of accepting a non-Asian person in an Asian character role. Throughout the whole play, David persists of defying the appointment of a White guy in an Asian role, He is becoming more racist within himself. He thinks himself to be a perfect Asian role model. Marcus Gee, the White guy playing a role of an Asian character, claims

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