A Critical Analysis Of John Keats 'On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer'

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One message from each of the Keats poem.

(“ A critical analysis of Keats poems”)

Many messages are displayed in the literature of John Keats. Mostly throughout his stories he talks about himself and his feelings. And he really represents himself throughout his poems. One message can be found in each of the Keats poems, “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer”, “When I have Fears that I May Cease to Be “, “Ode to a nightingale”, and of course “Ode On a Grecian Urn”. Romance, forgotten fame, importance of knowledge, acceptance of death.

Keats first poem, “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer”, the message is the importance of knowledge. Keats found his knowledge through books, whether it be writing and or reading it allowed him to grow in intelligence making him one of the most famous poets in his time. The message of knowledge is to have it and take everything that's around you and grow from it. In John Keats poem “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer” He mentions traveling, “Much have I traveled in the realms of gold”, (line 1, pg. 883) What is being implied here is that Keats traveled everywhere in the world through books. He grew more knowledgeable by reading and learned many things just by books and all that was in them. “In order to improve compliance, an increase of knowledge” (Vanderwal, Jaarsma, Moser, Veeger, Gilst, Veldhuisen). They explain how important knowledge is to obtain in order to do and have other things.

In the poem "When I have
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