A Critical Analysis Of Principles Over People : Abolitionist Feminism And Human Trafficking

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A Critical Analysis of Principles over People: Abolitionist Feminism and Human Trafficking In the paper, “Principles over People”, the author seeks to persuade the reader to think critically about the abolitionist feminism as it relates to human trafficking and prostitution. The author believes the abolitionist feminist movement further perpetuates the very principles they argue against. He believes the abolitionists’ stance that all prostitution is forced and a form of human trafficking removes a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. He further believes the stigmatization of prostitution by the abolitionist harms the women who are willingly choosing to be sex workers. By doing these things, the author feels the…show more content…
Although I understand the perspective of the critics, I do not believe criminalization of purchasing sex would further put women at risk. The risk will continue to exist with or without the laws in place. In places where sex work has been completely decriminalized, there are many regulations in place. These regulations are necessary and are in place to protect the workers. Sex workers are not allowed to freely sell sex on the streets; rather the transactions must be made in specific places and under specific conditions. These conditions are not ideal for every “john” or sex worker therefore the underworld of purchasing sex will continue to exist. There will still be individuals seeking to have sexual encounters outside of regulations of age requirements, condom usage, location, and security. The regulated brothels will command higher prices due to overhead and the workers themselves are basically employees. This puts them at risk of disciplinary actions for not following rules, micromanagement, and possible dismissal. There will also be competition for limited positions at the brothel. The women, who have health issues, are underage (or perhaps too old to be a desirable “professional” sex worker), drug addicts, and others not suitable for legitimate employment will still potentially seek illegal sex work. Some johns will not want to pay the higher prices of legitimate brothels or may seek the anonymity of dark alleys and by-the-hour motels. The women who need

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