A Critical Analysis Of The Canadian Modern Language Review

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Ethical Practices in Educational Research: A Critical Analysis of The Canadian Modern Language Review
5.8 million Canadians are reported to be able to communicate in both of Canada’s official languages (Statistics Canada, 2012). With this substantial population of second language (L2) communicators, comes a distinct need to continue to build knowledge and understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning in a second language. The Canadian Modern Language Review (CMLR) offers its readers a wide variety of publications on an array of issues addressing this area. The purpose of this critical analysis is to examine the ways in which the CMLR contributes to the field of second language teaching and learning in the Canadian context. …show more content…

CMLR is often a point of depart for my research as it not only publishes articles relating to teaching in the French immersion setting but also contains articles and reviews that deal with the realities of second language learning.

Part 1- Critical Analysis of The Canadian Modern Language Review
Historical overview
The CMLR is a bilingual journal, publishing articles in both English and French on a quarterly basis. Originating in Ontario, the first volume of this journal was published in 1944; its first issues containing classroom-based teaching strategies and resources. Over the last 71 years, it has grown to support researchers, language teaching professionals and policy makers, with authorship and readership across Canada and internationally (University of Toronto Press, 2015). While its primary focus is on teaching and learning in Canada’s two official languages; modern, indigenous, heritage and community languages are also included in its repertoire. Murray Munro and Daniele Moore currently edit the CMLR. The editorial team must be able to work in both English and French, as the CMLR is a bilingual journal, they need to communicate with potential authors in their preferred language (Collins & Dagenais, 2010).
The CMLR sat at 271st out of 914 education journals included in the SCImago Social Sciences index in 2014 and was one of two Canadian journals at the

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