A Critical Analysis Of The Notorious Fbi 's Trilogy Information Technology Modernization Program

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The back-story for the notorious FBI’s Trilogy Information Technology Modernization Program was chosen as a case-study material because it is the most heavily cited and its magnitude is so large. The case study aims to perform a critical analysis of what went wrong, and make recommendations that might help future project managers avoid ending up with a similar position.
Base on the analysis the reference, the general consensus in the research is that this enterprise project fell into the most basic traps of software development, from poor planning to bad communications throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our team will focus on the following aspects including scope, human resource, procurement, unrealistic scheduling, contracting and contract management, program management and enterprise architecture, the report will analyze each topic and make corresponding recommendation to improve the practice.
The primary lessons learned from the extravagant failure of FBI Virtual Case File include :
• Avoid evolving design requirements and scope creep
• Avoid management inconsistency and inadequate oversight
• Preserve the right of overall management and the making of the key decisions
• Develop a well-educated team with necessary skill set
• Choose, monitor and manage contracts
• Establish realistic resource-driven work schedule
• Tackle contract and program management issue
• Establish an effective and efficient enterprise architecture.
The FBI’s Trilogy IT…
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