A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of an Article on Cruelty to Domestic Pets

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A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of an Article on Cruelty to Domestic Pets

Animal cruelty is an issue that is often disregarded as being a major problem in Britain today. Animals are not considered as important as humans, and many people do not care about the way they are treated. But I don't think I am alone when I say that when I saw the grotesque picture at the top of this article, I was filled with disgust. This was obviously the intention of the writer- to attract attention to the article and alert people about the problem that animal cruelty is becoming.

The presentation is a very significant part of any article. Fist impressions are certainly very important, even vital, because when
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They are used to break up the text and make it look less strenuous to read. This would be particularly appealing to teenagers, who this magazine is aimed at, because many teenagers do not wish to read a lot of text. They are also used to have an emotive effect on the reader, which helps the effect the text is trying to have upon them. The photographs also act as both a reminder and as proof that animal cruelty is a real life situation, and however terrible the article may seem, it is definitely non- fiction.

Newspaper cuttings are also used displaying headlines such as "Sorry I cooked my Cat". These, as the photographs do, break up the text and draw the eye across the text but they also create an emotive effect on the reader. "Sorry I cooked my Cat" makes the offender seem heartless and so the reader becomes angry with her. This is also sarcastic and suggests that what the woman did was so terrible that you can joke about it.

The are the presentational features of the article and I think they work well because they sufficiently hold the attention of the reader and also create an emotive effect upon the reader.

I noticed three main purposes of this article. The first was to inform. The writer wants to let people know about animal cruelty, and many statistics and facts are used to do this, e.g. 'the fine for animal cruelty is only
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