Essay on A Critical Analysis of Lies My Teacher Told Me

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A Critical Analysis of:Lies My Teacher Told Me

"It would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things which are not so."


Out of all forms of literature currently known to man, educational textbooks are arguably the least interesting. On top of being incredibly boring, textbooks, especially American history ones, neglect to include the entirety of the information that it should. Because American history textbooks wish only to paint the United States in a bright light, the authors opt to leave out anything that may hurt its image. What Lies My Teacher Told Me attempts to do is lay out uncommonly known facts for the misinformed history students of today.
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Then, through the content of the rest of his book, he proves himself to be hypocritical by having laid down an even more boring account of American history. While he makes a respectable attempt by bringing forth potentially interesting flaws in history, it really doesn't compensate for how disorganized the book is.

Loewen's first chapter to actually contain content about history deals with Americans' misinformed beliefs about apparent American heroes. He focuses primarily on Helen Keller and Woodrow Wilson, both of which have little known facts about them that may impede on their statuses as heroes. While informing his readers that Keller was a radical socialist who supported the USSR and that Wilson led many motiveless invasions of Latin American countries is, in itself, interesting information to know. However, Loewen constantly jumps back and forth between the two heroes and their descriptions, causing him to not only fail at accurately portraying his message, but also send the reader into a boundless pit of confusion which only gets worse as the book progresses.

Next up for this abomination of literature are two chapters about the frequently discussed myths of the first settlers of America.
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