A Critical Analysis of the Business Strategy of Macy's

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Critically analyze the organization from the systems approach. You should consider the inputs, transformation and output elements of the operation and consider how the system creates value. Within the retail environment, scheduling and a rapid response to changing consumer sentiments are critical. As such, the organizations systems must reflect this change in consumer dynamics to maximize sales and profitability. A systems approach works well in accomplishing this task. In many instances, consumer demand, consumer sentiments and macroeconomic factors all influence one another. In the context of Macys, macroeconomic factors determine consumer demand and confidence. Attempting to forecast this demand, the organization must then adjust scheduling and inventory levels accordingly. The input elements in this system would therefore be aligned with macroeconomic considerations. Aspects such as income growth, discretionary income, consumer confidence, tax policy, and commodity prices all affect the system. For instance high gas prices, can potentially cause less discretionary income for individuals. This lack of discretionary income ultimately hinders the amount of spending on discretionary items. This lack of spending impacts Macys on the output side as the company must now lower inventory levels or markdown merchandise to compensate consumers. Therefore inventory management is critical system in which Macys can use to add value to the consumer, the company, and its

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