A Critical Discourse Analysis Framework Essay

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Methodology A critical discourse analysis framework News is manufactured industrially and deeply influenced by the bureaucratic and economic structure of the media industry, by relations between the media and other industries, and by relations with authoritative apparatuses and institutions such as government. It reflects the prevailing values of a society in a particular historical context and simultaneously shapes the society in return (Fowler, 1991/2013). Although we cannot simply suggest an explicit causal relation between structurally determined material and symbolic resources and the actual cultural practices, a pure linguistic analysis may still overlook the external constraints and the effects of the cultural practices. The embryo of cultural studies finds its roots in the historical context of a social structure shaped by industrial capitalism and the increasingly commercialized system of cultural production, distribution, and consumption. To some extent, the reference to power and struggle, domination and subordinations is the mantra to sustain and legitimatize the existing cultural studies literature (N. Graham, 1999). While avoiding the notion that Marxism and cultural studies form immediate affinity, cultural studies still has to establish itself as a ‘worldly’ vocation by coping with the tension between the study of the text and its affiliations with institutions, classes, nations, races, and genders, and etc. (Hall, 1999a). The representation of the Hong

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