A Critical Evaluation Between Technology And The Human Brain

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Artificial Intelligence: A critical evaluation between Technology and the Human brain Humans are continuously trying to develop a technology that will give artificial intelligence to machines (Gupta, 2013). People have been comparing the human brain to different technologies such as computers and smart devices. Recent years have seen an explosion in mobile web use (Entertainment close-up, 2013). Most devices and apps are capable of completing multiple tasks such as; entertainment, communication, navigation, education and health monitoring. In fact, people tend to rely their meetings, alarms, anniversaries, birthdays etc. all on their smart devices. As a result, people are becoming more occupied in their own digital worlds, anywhere and at any time (Entertainment close-up, 2013). It is believed that technology does not process information in the same fashion as the human brain. Although this is the case, there are some aspects of similarity to study. This is important to consider in our information driven age. More apps and electronic devices are capable of operating and processing information just like the human mind. However, there are some major differences between the brain and technology. Von Neumann and Kurzweil (2012) said that information technologies have already transformed every facet of human life from business and politics to arts. The information age is expanding its sphere of influence. It is arguable that the most important information process to understand

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