A Critical Evaluation Of Rice Processing Machines Essay

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The design that was chosen for this project was one of a few that were considered. However, after a process of analysis and evaluation, the design chosen was deemed the best to achieve the best possible results in the process of processing wild rice.
Description of Metrics
Metrics are the measures otherwise termed as parameters of assessment of qualities that are quantitative. They are used to measure, compare and track performance as well as levels of production. Metrics are used to make comparisons regardless of the variations in the subject matters, in this case which are machines. In order to establish metrics used in this project a critical evaluation of rice processing machines was done considering the output given as well as the set goals. In other words metrics can be defined simply as tools used to evaluate performance or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) [24].
The metrics applied in the selection of this design include:
• Quality
Quality is defined as the standard of something (machine) compared to others of the same category (rice processing machines). With regard to manufacturing, quality is idealistically interpreted as the non inferior or superior nature in comparison to others. It is a measure that determines how fit a machine is for its set purpose. It is a measure that can be described as conditional or otherwise subjective to which every individual has their own definition. Consumers are more concerned with the quality specified whereas manufacturers are
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