A Critical Evaluation of My Company's Approach to Organisational Agility and Resilience

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Executive summary

The purpose of this report is to examine Team24’s approach to organisational agility and resilience; looking specifically at the promotion of flexible working practices. It explores the benefits to the organisation of championing flexible working opportunities within the company and demonstrates how enabling more people to work flexibly improves their lives by providing a better balance between work and outside commitments.

An organisations approach to organisational agility and resilience can be gauged in part by looking at flexibility in the workplace, examining and developing working practices to fit the needs of the workforce and securing their commitment to ongoing quality and company strategy. Any
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They complemented each other due to the fact that one responded directly to the other and I feel that this gave me a balanced view to come back to when researching the goverment view on the benefits and challenges of promoting flexible working.

I found Atkinson’s (1995) Flexible Firm model for labour flexibility a clear well explained theory and I felt that it clearly demonstrated the benefits of a flexible staffing strategy whilst stressing the importance of alignment of HR with the business strategy in order for it to work. Atkinsons model also stated further the most common management innovations for flexible practices which led me to explore these further and make recommendations regarding these options.

I found few articles that went in enough depth to assist with this report and instead mainly steered toward the resources identified in the workbook and on the CIPD website so as to stay with reliable sources.

Reilly’s (2001) thoughts on mutual flexibility and White et al’s (2004) work regarding intelligent flexibilty advocating approaches benefiting employers and employees are potentially useful for making a case to organisations for flexible working, which I kept in mind when making my recommendations.

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