A Critical Examination Of Professional Learning

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A critical examination of professional learning in the workplace
Nowadays, facing with great challenges like knowledge and skills to process amounts of information in the workplace, we have to engage ourselves in new learning about professional practice with range of activities, formal and informal (Fraser and Schwind, 2011). In particular, reflection is a significant mechanism in practice-based professional development settings where we can learn from experiences, rather than knowledge transfer, and ultimately develop professional practice throughout working lives (Jasper, 2011). More specifically, ‘a person who reflects throughout his or her practice is not just looking back on past actions and events, but is taking a conscious look at emotions, experiences, actions, and responses, and using that information to add to his or her existing knowledge base and reach a higher level of understanding’ (Paterson and Chapman, 2013, p.2).

Many models of reflective practice have been promoted in the last decades. In 1983, Schön introduced the concepts ‘reflection-in-action’ and ‘reflection-on-action’, both of which have enhanced the link between reflection and professional development, but the formal one emphasizes the ability of a practitioner to react to a situation directly based on feelings, emotions and prior experiences while the latter one focuses on critical analysis of this reaction after doing it (Schön, 1983). Later, Gibbs developed these notions into a
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