A Critical Reflection On Health Inequality

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Introduction In the critical reflection 2, we will be recalling the term health inequality. And, find out the importance of needing a policy to answer the necessity of health disparity. In the first section of the paper, two of the policy solutions will be introduced and will also mention how these policies affect population, and the policy maker. The other section will state the pros and cons of the policies from the writer’s perspective. Finally, the conclusion emphasizes on the significance of answering health disparity by using the policies and how it helps to reduce the inequality. For a better understanding of the policies, it is necessary to define the term health inequality. The term health inequality is defined as a differences in health status or the differences among the different populations (WHO, 2015). The purpose of a policy to address health inequality is to reduce the gaps in the differences that arises due to race, gender, and ethnicity (Healthy people, 2015). For example, health policies help to promote healthy behavior and ban cigarette and tobacco advertisements (WHO, 2015). There are policies that do not focus on such practices and thus they do not impact the people (WHO, 2015). Furthermore, creating a policy helps people to meet the goals of reducing health disparity (WHO, 2015). There has been a national level policy named “Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation”, which aims to improve health for the population in England (WHO, 2015). By implementing
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