A Critical Regulatory Issue in Health Care Essay

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HCS/430 13 Case Law A critical regulatory issue in health care Amanda Whitt HCS/430 13 Case Law A critical regulatory issue in health care Amanda Whitt Ethical problems within hospitals and other facilities has been an ongoing issue for around 35 years. With the fast growth of technology and new medicine, the financial structures that could possibly create more financial concerns. The organizational effects of these issues will start looking at the quality of health care. In the economy, the demand from consumers and the production costs will help guide and form a firm structure. Many health care organizations need to use good thinking tasks to make proper decisions. More issues include: patient autonomy, termination of…show more content…
Although, the cost will be noticeable now, but once training and the proper use of equipment is learned, the facility will be saving money in the end. New sciences can develop more jobs and may also create the areas to have a more trained professional who has a distinct job description of the study of the issue. Patient autonomy is where the patients have a right to decide for their own medical care. This decision should not include an influential decision made by the patient’s health care provider but the health care provider is allowed to educate their patients about their possible concerns. The termination of a patient could simply be because the provider may be relocating or retiring. There are cases where a managed care plan may no longer be taking the patient's insurance coverage. The physician needs to follow the correct steps in order to terminate a patient from their facility because if the physician does not follow the proper steps, then they may run into ethical issues if the patient isn't given a reasonable cause for this action. An advance health care directive is a written statement of how the patient is wanting to receive treatment in case of a severe injury, illness, or incapacitated which will cause the patient not being able to make their own decisions. It is also known as a Living Will which will help the family members know what their loved ones wanted in case
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